Surf Taco (Southern NJ)


QualityTaste, Cleanliness, Environment, Price , & Staff


Positive: Variety of seafood/vegetarian tacos and burritos with distinct sauces and tasty fillings that you won’t find anywhere else but California.

Negative: Located by the shore so it may not be as fun in the winter.

Overall: Good Restaurant to try if you like seafood and Mexican food.  (and you are tired of the typical Mexican food chains)


update:  I went back a few times to the restaurant and had the burrito.  It was not as good as I was hoping.  Nonetheless the remainder of the food was still excellent, just as I remembered it.


Tired of Taco Bell?

Want to try something similar but with more variety? Try Surf Taco, located in Long Branch, NJ and other beach towns along the Jersey Shore (such as Jackson, Belmar, Point Pleasant, etc).

Upon going there I didn’t know what to order as there were so many options for people that eat seafood and vegetarian dishes. They offer many shrimp and fish tacos, different types of burritos, quesadillas, and much more. I tried the Surf Taco and thought it was decent but not great because of the large amount of fish they put in it.  With that said, the fillings in it were delicious. I also tried one of their specials, a mango coconut shrimp taco which was just too delicious…I would go back just for that.  I have never had a taco like that before and have been tired of eating tacos with beans all the time.

Surf Taco

You can also add some flavor to your tacos by adding the 4 different sauces that they have available, similar to Chipotle and Qdoba, but located outside the counter so that you can add as much and as little as you want. A mistake my friend and I made when we went is that we ordered additional nachos. All the tacos come with nachos already but we also ordered the Max dip loaded nachos. Even though they were amazing, our stomachs were way too full after eating 2 tacos each plus the extra order of nachos. I suggest you eat one taco if you want to get an order of loaded nachos.

I love Mexican food and this definitely is one of the top on my list for Mexican food. I will go back soon to try their burritos and update my review then. Another plus about Surf Taco is that it is located on the Jersey shore, so its a good place to go eat in the spring/summer and hang out at the beach afterwords. All in all, make sure you try this wonderful restaurant.
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