Om Halal (previously called Al Salam Pizza)


QualityTaste, Cleanliness, Environment, Price , & Staff


Positive: Delicious, American style food that will satisfy your hunger for meat!

NegativeLocation is less than ideal and may not be suitable for everyone during late hours.

Overall: Solid, excellent quality American food with variety of delicious dishes, and a non-typical halal meat store located right next door.


Looking for solid, good quality american food in philly?  

AlSalam is located in Germantown in a small strip mall adjacent to a halal meat store.  The halal meat store has a good selection of unique products that you may not find at other halal meat stores including pre-seasoned ground beef, chicken wings, steaks, and rotisserie chicken.  They also have tasty hot dogs and sausages from the Philly Halal Company that come in mild and hot flavors and are great for BBQ!

AlSalam has multiple booths you may find at typical pizza restaurants for you to eat at, but the booths along the far side of the restaurant are very unique.  They have curtains around the booth that allow you to sit and eat without being disturbed or having others look at you while you eat.  Also this is a great idea for those women who cover themselves and do not want the opposite gender to see or interact with them.

Their menu is pretty vast and extraordinarily delicious, definitely more than Douglass Pizza located in New Brunswick.  The menu includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees. Their breakfast menu contains belgian waffles and various platters, including eggs and sausages.  Their lunch and dinner menu includes various Arabic platters, pizza, sandwiches, seafood, and of course Philly Cheesesteaks. I have eaten there many times and all the dishes are tasty. Their meat pizza is definitely worth having and includes pepperoni, sausage, and minced meat. The sandwich selection includes Philly Cheesesteaks, corned beef, roast beaf, salami, hoagies, calzones, stromboli, etc. Their Al Salam Hoagie made hot and toasted is definitely worth trying; just make sure to tell them not to warm up the lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles in the process. The workers are very nice and they accommodate you in any way possible.  Their Philly Cheesesteak is definitely one of the better ones I have tasted. The chicken cheesesteak is also delicious.

Overall its a great place to go to for consistent, high quality and delicious foods.  Only problem may be the setting and location.   If you are near the Philly area I would definitely try it out, especially if you are in the mood for meat! While you’re there check out the halal meat store next door because they may have some meats and seasoned products that you may not find at other places.
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